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As you well know, getting the word out about the benefits of healthy living, good nutrition, and especially, effective exercise, is very important to your practice, and to the health of your patients and clients.

As Practitioner, you already know just how effective exercise and soft tissue therapies be at resolving a broad range of injuries caused by repetitive strain and cumulative trauma. However, you have probably discovered that the general public, and the medical community, is not always as knowledgeable about these methods and exercises. Explaining these benefits, in simple understandable English, takes time!

And as busy professionals, you may not always have the time to identify and prescribe the ideal set of exercises for each patient's special injury.



Help Patients to Become Responsible for their Health!

Keep your patients informed and engaged!

As a busy practitioner, you may not have the time to fully describe how soft-tissue release treatment methods works, what theirbenefits are, or list all the soft-tissue conditions that be resolved, to each patient, acquaintance, business, or family physician.

But you do understand the importance of empowering your patients to work at healing and strengthening their body.

We make it easy for you to communicate these concepts, techniques, and exercises with our Release Your Body series of exercise and information books. Use the these books as effective, informative  tools to support the care that you provide in your clinic.

The exercise routines in these books help your patients gently and effectively rehabilitate their body, re-activate their kinetic chains, and help them to move from a state of reduced function to a full active lifestyle.


ART + Exercise WORKS! 

You and your husband did a wonderful job putting Release Your Pain together! I'm back with my ART provider and am doing a dozen of the exercises after each weight workout!

I wish all ART providers would have the book for sale. The explanations and exercises put both the responsibility and the power over one's health in the patient's own hands, as an addition to the dyad they form with the therapist. 

I wish I could have Dr. Abelson as a therapist! Thanks again, Kamali!

Best regards, 

Todd R. Morgan
Prairie Village, 
Kansas, USA

Grow your testimonial base! 

You know that informed patients are often your best source of future patient referrals.
And you know that good communication with the medical community is also critical to growing your practice.

We recognize this...and in the Practitioners Corner, we have prepared some special tools to help you provide much needed information about the benefits of exercises and soft-tissue treatments to your patients and clients.


Wonderful Source of Information

Reviewer: Jeff Roth, DC, ART Instructor

Your book is a wonderful source of information for both the public as well most health care providers. You have done a very professional job.

Thank you!

Jeff Roth, DC, ART Instructor


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