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Release Your Pain...Engaging and Interesting

Jerry Auld, Calgary, February 2004

Release Your Pain

Engaging and Interesting, Release Your Pain was immediately easy to access - I started by looking up back pain and found I had read the better part of the chapter while standing there simply because the information and diagrams were so useful and relevant.

The various blend of stories, stretches, and explanations kept me engaged and interested. I ended up reading sections that didn't apply to me just because they were so interesting from a health and fitness perspective.

Release Your Pain...Wonderful Source of Information

Jeff Roth, DC, ART Instructor, 2005

Release Your Pain

Your book is a wonderful source of information for both the public as well most health care providers. You have done a very professional job. Thank you!

Ultimate Relief

Anna Mukherjee - April 20 2009

I was in a lot of pain for over  a year because of a very tight muscle knot that was pushing/pressing against a nerve inmy back. I went for massages 1 to 2 times  month to relieve the pain, but instead of helping, it would tighten the knot and pain worsened. I finally invested in Active Release. WOW!!! Talk about the ultimate relief. Highly Recommend It!!! Worth every penny.

Resumed Hockey, Skiing, and Running without Pain

Cameron Six, January 25 2009

 Prior to coming to Kinetic Health, I had limited range of motion and flexibility in my left ankle (broken ankle suffered 10 weeeks before).

After 6 ART sessions, and your consistent ankle exercise program, my ankle's range-of-motion and flexibility has improved to the point that I can resume playing hockey, skiing, and running with no pain or flexibility restrictions.

You Saved my Life ....More Limber, Agile, and Able

Doreen  Froese

 I heard of Dr. Abelson and Kinetic Health from a friend who had been referred to him by their family doctor. For six days, I had been struggling with a particularly painful bout of sciatica. Anti-inflammatories, pain meds, ice packs, stretching...nothing even touched the pain I was experiencing down my entire left leg and into my foot. I cannot express the degree of relief I felt after taking my painful, whimpering body to see Dr. Abelson for my first treatment of ART.

I had a total of six treatments, and each one brought incredible relief. By the end of my ytreatments, I felt more limber and agile than I had in months, even years. Talk about getting to the source of the problem!! 

I cannot thank Dr. Abelson enough...and you know the phrase..."You saved my life!"  Thank you SO much.

Did a 14,000 Peak at Age 68 after Recommended Exercises

Rick Smith - July 22 2009

 Dear Dr. Abelson

I've been suffering from a mild but persistent case of plantar fasciitis (self diagnosed) and came across your YouTube exercise video. I was familiar with most of the five stretching exercises, but not the second one - the body-against-the-wall stretch. So I tried that one first.

Result: immediate pain relief!  After a week of doing all five stretches a couple of times a day, I did a 14er (14,000 foot) peak in the Colorado Rockies, at age 68. No pain during or after. Believe me when I say I'm very impressed. I know if I'd gone to the podiatrist, he'd have wanted to give me an injection, or at least put me on Ibuprofen. Your treatment is worlds better.

Thanks doc! Think I'll get the book.
Rick Smith

 You are a Magician!

Richard Young the Magician

Dr Abelson,

You are a magician! I came to see you the day before I headed to the States to run the Top of Utah Marathon in Logan a few weeks ago. My muscles on my left leg were so tight that it was affecting my walking and I was, consequently, very nervous about how they were going to affect my running!

After almost a year of training and two failed attempts to qualify for the Boston Marathon, I was concerned to say the least. After ten minutes of ART with you and your assistant, I was walking without any restriction or tightness. A couple of days later, I easily qualified for the first time for the prestigious marathon in Boston! Thank you so much for all your help and top-notch professional treatments. I couldn't have done it without you!

Magically yours,

You Helped my Tinnitus

David Redmond - April 2008

I developed tinnitus a few months back and went on the internet searching for a cure. The best things I've found are located on your YouTube video.This is the videos put up by Dr. Abelson and Dr. Tarveen Ahluwalia. I'm not 100% cured, but considerably better.

I also have an issue with my right shoulder that's probably related. It's painful when stretching too far overhead. I imagine that once that's taken care the tinnitus will be gone. Thank you so much for sharing this valuable information with those of us who need it.

I live in North Carolina, so I won't be stopping by your clinic any time soon, but I certainly hope you continue to prosper and help others to live healthy lives. May God richly bless you,


 I jumped off the table and into a ballet pose

Patricia Reid - July 2006

Greetings Brian,

I'm headed in for hip replacement surgery tomorrow morning in Burnaby. This is the same hip you treated (using ART) in March of 2005. Yes, It has taken that long here in B.C. to get in for surgery.

I had Legg Purthis as a child and after 3 years of crutches and cast, carried on with a normal life, i.e. two pregnancies and the subsequent effort of raising the results thereof. The cursed hip began to throb and fail about 2 years ago, and I was getting wonderful relief from a chiropractor here, in B.C.,Grant Kim, who introduced me to ART and referred me to you when I was visiting Calgary

WORDS CAN NOT EXPRESS MY GRATITUDE for the feelings of relief and more importantly, freedom, that I experienced after only 2 visits with you. Your incredible strength released 40 years of tension and resistance and allowed me to jump off the table and into a ballet pose I had NEVER been able to perform. Your comment at the time was "the Royal Winnipeg Ballet". I didn't thank you then, because I thought " he couldn't mean me !"

I am thanking you now, for helping me to create that goal of sensational freedom of mobility I experienced in your care and the vote of confidence in mentioning the Winnipeg Ballet. The old hip is beyond repair and parts of the bone are in a state of necrosis. I know that the artificial hip comes with restrictions - I do, however, have the memory of that fantastic day in your office, and will stop at nothing to achieve that state of freedom again.

Gratefully yours,
Patricia Reid ( Cake)


I couldn't put weight on my hip, knee, or ankle

Binder Kalar, April 2006 


When I came here, I was in really bad pain. The hip, knee, and ankle were really bad. I couldn't put much weight on it.

Since I started receiving Active Release Treatments with Dr. Abelson, the pain in my hip is gone, the pain in my ankle is gone, and I have very little pain in my knee.I am sure the pain in my knee will soon be gone too! My head and neck have improved, and I don't need Tylenol anymore. I would recommend this treatment to anyone!

After a few weeks of ART treatments, no more crutches
Inez Nolan, May 2005

I had been on crutches for 4 months with a foot problem - going the usual route - medical doctor and physical therapy, but was making very little progress. A chance encounter with a friend directed me to explore an alternative treatment for which I am truly grateful.

After only a few Active Release treatments and accompanying exercises, I was able to walk with just one crutch. And after a few weeks, no crutches at all!