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Resolve Your Injuries - Live Better, Play Better…


Resolve Your Injuries - Live Better, Play Better…

Dr. Brian Abelson is counted among the most experienced and talented Active Release practitioners in North America.     He is the Clinical Director of Kinetic Health, an innovative health care facility which places a special focus on getting people back into an active, pain-free life.     Dr. Abelson (like all Chiropractors) is a "primary contact" health care provider, which means you do not need to be referred to him by a physician or anyone else. 

Get the information and tools you need to resolve your injuries, live and feel better, and enjoy your life.

Release Your Body is the official online store of Kinetic Health - an extremely successful musculoskeletal practice located in Calgary Alberta. Kinetic Health’s Clinical Director is the internationally best-selling author  - Dr. Brian Abelson DC. In this site, he provides you with the same information, publications and products he uses at Kinetic Health.  

Take advantage of our expertise and review our books, exercise protocols, and nutritional strategies.  We believe you will be very happy with the results you can achieve.


Read our books to heal, strengthen, and develop your body.



Use these nutritional supplements to nourish, replenish, and restore your health.



Get the help you need to build strong, healthy body's with this exciting DVD series.