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Meet Our Writers




Meet Dr. Brian Abelson

Brian’s incredible, interdisciplinary knowledge of anatomy, physiology, human biomechanics, kinetic chain relationships, and exercise made these books possible.

Just ask any ofhis patients, and they will fill your head with exclamations about how he can somehow bring it all together to solve their soft-tissue problems! And he brought it all together as we worked to design the exercise routines in these books...somehow integrating self-help exercises with his knowledge of soft-tissue restrictions, kinetic chains, and biomechanics to produce a graduated series of exercises that can help all of us to heal, recover, and perform at our best!

Brian is a highly proficient Active Release Techniques Instructor and practitioner, trained in Graston Techniques, Chiropractic, Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, Homeopathy, and Nutrition. He brings an integrated approach to health care which is very much appreciated by all his patients.

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Meet Kamali Abelson

Kamali’s long experience in the technical communication and publishing industry (25+ years) definitely came in handy as we wrote these new books. Especially as they grew from the original vision of a 50-page booklet, into a multi-volume set of books, each over 250 pages, packed with new illustrations,photos, videos, and exercises.

She enjoys the company of her friends, being a mom and wife, running, hiking,travelling, dancing, and the arts. Given the opportunity, she would be spending most of her time travelling to distant corners of the world, taking dance and art lessons, meeting new people, and absorbing new cultures, thoughts, and ways!

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