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Take our Ebooks Anywhere


Our E-Books are READY!

Hurrah...after a long process of preparation, planning, converting and testing, we are delighted to announce that all our books are now available in eBook format! 

So, for those of you who love to carry your books in your phones, iPads, and other portable devices...you can now. And no shipping charges either! Something that is sure to delight our international customers.  So check it out, and let us know what you think.

Release Your Pain: 2nd Edition - International Bestseller    Exercises for the Shoulder to Hand - Release Your Kinetic Chain Quest for Healing - A Story of Love Exercises for the Jaw to Shoulder - Release Your Kinetic Chain

Note: You will be downloading the book from you computer, opening within the free Adobe Digitial Editions program, which then registers the ebook with Adobe. Once you  have done this, you  can transfer the ebook to any e-reader of your choice. This is standard for most purchased ebooks. ENJOY!