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Our E-Books are READY!

Hurrah...after a long process of preparation, planning, converting and testing, we are delighted to announce that all our books are now available in eBook format! 

So, for those of you who love to carry your books in your phones, iPads, and other portable devices...you can now. And no shipping charges either! Something that is sure to delight our international customers.  So check it out, and let us know what you think.

Release Your Pain: 2nd Edition - International Bestseller    Exercises for the Shoulder to Hand - Release Your Kinetic Chain Quest for Healing - A Story of Love Exercises for the Jaw to Shoulder - Release Your Kinetic Chain

Note: You will be downloading the book from you computer, opening within the free Adobe Digitial Editions program, which then registers the ebook with Adobe. Once you  have done this, you  can transfer the ebook to any e-reader of your choice. This is standard for most purchased ebooks. ENJOY!

Resolving Tension Headaches

Approximately 90 percent of headaches originate as tension headaches. Medical experts continue to debate over the causes of tension headaches. In my opinion, 90% of tension headaches are either caused by mechanical factors or are perpetuated by them.  In other words, most ongoing, chronic, tension headaches can be attributed to specific physical restrictions. These are restrictions [...]

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Resolve Your Injuries - Live Better, Play Better…

Resolve Your Injuries - Live Better, Play Better…   Get the information and tools you need to resolve your injuries, live and feel better, and enjoy your life. Release Your Body is the official online store of Kinetic Health - an extremely successful musculoskeletal practice located in Calgary Alberta. Kinetic Health’s Clinical Director [...]

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Get Proactive with your Health and Fitness

Release Your Body believes in being pro-active for your health and wellness Our goal is to provide you with the books, products, and information you need to take of your own health, to improve the condition and state of your body, and to help you achieve your health and wellness goals. In this site, you will [...]

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Speed Healing, Decrease Inflammation, Lose Weight

These are some of the common dietary recommendations that we give our patients to speed their healing, reduce inflammation, lose weight, and increase their over-all energy.These are just some of our recommendations - but they really do work - so give it a try and you may be surprised by the great results you achieve. [...]

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Release Your Kinetic Chain is Ready to Go!

OK..we admit it. We are excited! Our first two books in the Release Your Kinetic Chain are printed and ready to go. And yes...there will be four books in this set. Dr. Abelson had so many ideas and concepts to share that we had to create a four-volume set to address all the structures of your [...]

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